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EstimatorCONCENTRATION calculates the concentration of nucleic acids in a stock solution based on user-input values of sample type, OD260, OD280, and dilution of sample examined.
InchwormINCHWORM estimates length or mass from electrophoretic mobility.
Extract SubsequenceEXTRACTION Extract a subsequence from a DNA sequence. User may also extract and join exons from genomic sequence.
NT TranslateNT TRANSLATION Translate nucleic acid sequence to amino acid sequence.
AA TranslateAA TRANSLATION Translate amino acid sequence to nucleic acid sequence.
Gene FinderGENE FINDER identifies open reading frames in genomic DNA sequences.
Restriction DigestionsDIGESTION identifies cleavage sites and fragments generated by restriction endonuclease digestion of a DNA sequence.
AssemblerASSEMBLER Aligns overlapping sequencing "reads" and assembles a consensus sequence.
MutSiteMUT'n'CUT Identifies single-nucleotide mutations giving rise to unique restriction endonuclease recognition sites.
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