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Recipe Maker (ver 1.01)

Calculates amts of ingredients needed to make final reagent.

last modified 8/12/99

About Recipe Maker

Program is still under development: CHECK RESULTS!

NOTES: 1) Magnitudes and dimensions are to be entered separately.
       2) Enter units without spaces (ie: g/l and U/mg  NOT: g / l or U/ mg).
       3) Use u for "micro" 
       4) Only relevant data need be entered.(ie: density only if pure substance)

Recipe Name:
volume: units:
(Solvent (usually water) is that constituent used to complete the solution and whose final concentration is usually not calculated. Thus, although ethanol may predominate at 60%, water is the solvent used to complete the solution).
Note: Program stops processing data when it finds empty ingredient field.
 DESIRED VALUES  Ingredient             STOCK VALUES
 Conc. Units  Name                    conc. units    MW  density  units

Notes or Instructions:

About Recipe Maker

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